To close the deal with customers, share your story with them

For brands to close-in on a deal, and differentiate themselves from the competition, they need to speak their story. A story that speaks about –

A) Who they are – Name, legacy, good-guys, positioning strategy

B) Why they’re here – to change the world, to sell innovation, to cure cancer, to spread joy

C) What should we I about it? – buy my stuff, signup for my newsletter, like my FB page, or don’t buy from the competition

Example –

Ledbury Shirts for Men

On their site, they have videos that take the customer through the journey of who they are and why they’re here. See, customers have no idea who these guys are. They know Louis Phillipe and Wills are corporations that give decent quality shirts. Who is this Ledbury? Hence, a strong story line helps to create the bond with the customer. If the story resonates, people might even buy a small-ticket item just to try it out on the first-go. Reminder to all you marketers – Upload the damn video to YouTube!

ledbury marketing



They stand for anti-GM cattle and agriculture. Its message is clear. Choose us for your next fast-food purchase. Its better for everyone. That was their attempt with the scarecrow video. Theyve also got a kick-ass concept called Farmed&Dangerous where they attempt to create social change via art and comedy.

A) Who they were – A niche brand that was anti-establishment

B) Why they’re here – To ethically serve customers with anti-GM food

C) What should I do about it? – Choose us. Because, we are the good guys. Vote for us with your money.


 Axis Bank

These guys didn’t focus so much on the who were are, but they did a great job of explaining why they’re here. Its a pretty exciting concept that captures the essence of what a bank should be. Their competition tried something similar – IDBI (your friend in banking), ICICI (easy banking), but failed to produce a coherent story.




An average attempt that could have been awesome. Their whole schtick is all about meeting, interacting and having fun. But they forgot to focus on who they are. There are countless perceptions of Starbucks in the market – all the way from being snobby and pretentious to being a place of home for writers and poets. Starbucks needs to find the 1% of their fans (the core) and reach out to them. Starbucks needs to be cool again.



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