The three keys to content – Unique, Useful & Interesting

Problem: There is a lot of content out there. Getting eye-balls on mediocre content is not ROI-friendly

Solution: Focus on the three cornerstones of content – Make it Unique, Useful, and Interesting.


Three Keys of Content – Unique, Useful & Interesting

All mediocre content can be put into one of these buckets, and all good content should really be about one or more of these buckets.

Here’s what comes instantly to mind – Humour

Where’s the humour ? How do you classify humour?!

Marketers around the world think that humour is their saving grace. They have a few “humourous” campaigns as their trump card.

“Let’s make it funny and it’ll go viral. People love funny.”

– Yes, but do these laughing people show any purchase intent?

” Don’t know, but our agency will definitely win an award.”


Marketing has forgotten its roots; the roots that started in sales. Its now all about gimmicks, tactics, and doing whatever works for the other guy.

The first guy to figure out corporate sponsorships opened a floodgate that couldn’t be stopped.

When SAP jumped on Forbes with a sponsored guest post gig, it was great! Nobody had ever thought about that from a B2B perspective.

Reference – Webview



Back to humour. Humour makes content a lot more interesting. Interesting – The third corner stone.

Let me start from the beginning. The why’s of the ways of the UUI approach.

Its easy to remember. Content is all about UUI –  You, You & I. Jab Jab, Right Hook.

1. Unique – The content has got to be different from what’s out there. Nobody needs another “10 ways to improve your social media”, or “23 ways of getting backlinks” – it’s done to death, and shouldn’t be pursued by any industry. And no memes either, it’s gotta be original. Doing video content when everyone’s doing infographics is being unique. Having an authentic voice and tonality, when everyone’s speaking in buzzwords in unique. Being a market leader when everyone around you is bleeding thin in a red ocean of celebrity endorsements, and product give-aways – is UNIQUE.

2. Useful – Is this content really solving a problem in the market? I.e. does this content really make a minor/major mark in people’s lives or mindsets? Are these D.I.Y. tips, or a dummies guide to the universe? Is this an infographic that shows you how you can increase revenue by 10% by changing your CTA buttons, or is it a boring video about how your organization “leverages the cloud”. Can a consumer really benefit from your content? – is the question you should be asking. Otherwise, what’s in it for them? Nothing –

Why else would  a consumer share your content with her friends?  How else is she going to gain social currency, according to Jonah Berger?

Consumer do realize that a brand benefits from whenever they talk about them – its no secret. And so it makes sense to give em what they need, and let em share your useful content with other people. Remember to make is Useful!

3. Interesting – Here is where you add the soft touches to your content. Emotion, humour, voice, expression, graphics, intro music, UI elements, etc. etc. until the sun goes down. This is where art meets science, where you really breathe life into an otherwise boring content. People are not going to view your content if you’ve built a boring interface. Add storytelling, add theatre, add art to the production.

There’s a reason why people visit Rome. Art makes the mundane interesting, and so piles of useful data can only be appealing and shareable if it looks like the statue of David. A useful bicycle can get you from town A to town B, but a beautiful woven basket makes it worthwhile.



photo credit: bernat… via photopin cc