YouTube’s new UI

YouTube has a new UI (material design) which, according to Google, simplifies coding and is pleasant. Glancing at it, you can see that “survivor bias” metrics like views and likes are given less emphasis, by using lighter shades of grey and dispersing both metrics to a left-right format rather than right-right format. This is done to give lower performing videos a chance, as viewers hunt for context and typically close out a video with less than 100K views or videos that have a large dislike-like ratio. When lower performing videos get more views, YouTube makes more revenue from increased watch time. They’ve tested it out in 3% of the population and are scaling it to make it standard. For many people, YouTube is a second home and a comfort zone. Changing things around without permission will disturb many’s experience but after a few months it will become the new standard. In the subscription feed, thumbnails are the only elements that stand out, while channel name and view count is dulled out, resembling a Netflix like experience – also testing out a similar colour palette

The comments section gives more emphasis to the name and user icon of the commentor by placing text towards the right and bottom aligned and hopefully bringing out a more meaningful dialogue in the section – structuring it better

The Subscribe box CTA is bright red – being the only element that stands out clearly indicating their need to bring viewers consistently to the website/app through the sub-box. The “bell” icon is unchanged leaving confirmation that the Sub-box and the Bell notifications option is the future of the website experience